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  • A healthcare advocate is someone who helps people prepare for and recover from a medical procedure or new diagnosis, including surgery, physical therapy. They help people process their emotions within this new reality.

  • The emotional and physical considerations and realities of the new diagnosis can be multifaceted and complex, affecting all areas of a patient’s life. A healthcare advocate can help patients recover a sense of autonomy, as well as prepare for the new reality of a post-surgical outcome or new diagnosis.

  • A healthcare advocate can help with many aspects of communicating with the medical community, including talking with healthcare professionals, expressing the patient’s concerns to healthcare professionals, and answering and asking pointed questions about medical experiences.

  • Processing a new diagnosis can be emotionally difficult for the patient and ther family. A healthcare advocate can help patients identify and express their feelings and concerns, and communicate the new reality to family as well as medical professionals.


Why I became a healthcare advocate:

I started this business because there is a need for good pre-surgical care and preparation. I know several people who have had challenging experiences when they had medical procedures, and their frustrations could have been alleviated. The best medical outcomes are possible with good preparation, and the right kind of assistance.





What I offer:

Help with the mental, emotional, physical, environmental, social, and spiritual aspects of your new diagnosis or surgery. I give advice and comfort. I advocate for your needs, not the needs of the hospital or insurance company.  I can accompany patients to doctor’s appointments if asked. However, not all medical professionals welcome such advocacy, and it might be best to ask your doctor first.


What a healthcare advocate does not do:

Home healthcare; housework; running errands; transportation; working with insurance, medicaid or medicare. If you have these needs, I am able to recommend service providers.   

Are you ready? Surgery is a challenge, so prepare yourself. This article in the Inlander's IN Health magazine walks you through the process of preparing for surgery. Deciding to get surgery is "one of the harder areas in our life to think of ourselves as consumers..." Hiring me as your health advocate increases your chances of getting the outcome you want.

I belong to the Washington State Health Advocacy Association. We are a professional nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting health advocacy in Washington State, empowering patients and improving healthcare outcomes.

I am a member of the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates, it is the premier patient advocacy and care management professional organization in the United States, Canada, and other countries around the world, APHA provides advocacy practices large and small with the business support they need to help them get started and grow, including legal,  insurance, financial, contracts, marketing, technology and networking with hundreds of care professionals.

I am a member of The National Association of Healthcare Advocacy Consultants. It is a non-profit healthcare advocacy organization dedicated to empowering advocates and consumers to navigate our healthcare system effectively and facilitate informed decisions around high quality, timely, safe and affordable care.

  • We promote rigorous standards for the practice of advocacy including ethical considerations and codes of conduct when providing medical decision-making support;

  • We educate consumers and healthcare professionals on research and current trends in patient-centered navigation, advocacy and decision-making support;

  • We partner with individual advocates and other grassroots organizations to collaborate on patient-centered reforms that maximize use of the healthcare system, protect consumer choice and improve access to high quality, affordable care.

I subscribe to the Code of Conduct and Professional Standards.

I promote CampaignZERO and am available as a speaker.

I belong to the BBB.

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