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Free Initial consultation

Call me and we'll discuss your diagnosis and/or surgery. We will set up a time when we can meet face to face. We will go over what I can provide and what my rates are.




The consultation includes a frank discussion about your needs, your diagnosis or upcoming surgery, and how a healthcare advocate can help you navigate the medical process. Accompanying this consultation is a wealth of information about your diagnosis, medical resources and treatment options or your surgery, recovery time, durable medical equipment and supplies. We will go over our contract and have all the necessary documents completed.

In home assessment:

Having a life-changing surgery or new medical diagnosis may require some changes to your home environment. I will assess your home for safety and comfort. I will walk you through the daily activities of your life with an eye for recovering from your surgery or managing a new diagnosis. I will make sure you are aware of the potential problems in your home and how to overcome them. I will make suggestions about how you can make your home more accessible and comfortable.